Ljubljana center reviews


Rent apartments in Ljubljana center. AC, free private parking, balcony, top location and all amenties.

Reviews of sights in Ljubljana center and it’s surroundings.

Ljubljana Zoo

Lovely zoo, big cats up close and personal.”
Beautiful Ljubljana zoo, close to the city center. Big cats come so close, you could pat them if it wasn’t for the glass panels. Luckily they are there.

Ljubljanica river

“Sup friendly in the middle of everything.”
Great for a sup ride or a boat picnic and Ljubljana’s “riva.” Pubs, bars, restaurants, nightlife, central market…

Ljubljana’s old town

“Ljubljana’s old town is as charming as it gets.”
Ljubljana’s old town is a picturesque mixture of architecture, cuisine, dolce vita, night life, street performers, shops, parks, wine and beer places, great restaurants and friendly people. Places not to miss are the castle, central market, star park, three bridges, banks of the river…

National Galery Ljubljana

“Slovene realism and modernist painters.”
Jama, Jakopič, Grohar, Šubic, Petkovšek, Kobilica were Slovenia’s best painters. National galery is worth a visit for them alone.

Jožef Plečnik museum

“Unique view of preserved and genuine artists work quarters. Awesome!”
Plečnik was a genious, a loner, a weirdo, a hermit, a nerd a 100 years before the Word was even invented. His work speaks volumes and stands for itself, Ljubljana, Trieste, Prague, Belgrade and Wienna each have share some of his “blessings.” But this place is where the guy lived and worked. A minimalistic jet intense and very interesting place. Must not miss if you are in Ljubljana and care for more than just great food and good times, though that is also important! If not for other things, then because not all of us were born geniuses: -)

Horse burger – fast food with horse meat

“Quirky and strange for some as it’s horse meat, but it’s delicious.”
Quirky and strange for some as it’s horse meat, but it’s delicious. Stake or horse stew, not to mention the horse pate.

Žale cemetery Ljubljana

“Jozef Plečnik capolavoro.”
Cemeterys are morbid, but should you overcome your aversion you will be rewarded with beautiful architecture. This is Plečniks masterpiece. Stunning entrance and beautiful but strange chappels make this place worth a visit. It’s even more beautiful at night.

Gostilna dela – restaurant employing troubled youngsters

“Worthy social project, great food and wonderful service.”
Social project worth supporting and best of all, the food is good. The only bad thing is that they are not open on weekends.

Dragon Bridge

“Overrated proceed to Cacao pastry shop and eat large quantities of chocolate to overcome your disappointment.”
Dragon bridge is the only overrated thing in Ljubljana. 🙂 It’s a nice bridge, but trust me, there are better things to make a duck face selfie in front. Ljubljana has so much to offer. The food is spectacular, the people are friendly, architecture is awesome (more so than the bridge) and the daytrips. Piran, Bled, Bohinj, Škocjan cave, Postojna cave, the sea and the Alps are all 45 minutes or less away.

Druga Violina – restaurant employing those with special needs

“Good food, good coffee and best smiles in town. :-)”
A social project worth supporting, good food, good coffee and best smiles in town. 🙂
A must visit for every Ljubljana visitor.

Triple bridge

“Triple bridge, Jožef Plečnik’s work in Ljubljana center. Lovely square for people gazing and drinking a cup of coffee. Great architecture by master Plečnik who draw inspiration from Venice’s Rialto bridge.”

“Coffee, people watching, architectural delight. :-)”
Great for people watching or a cup of coffee or ice cream from nearby cacao, best ice cream in town. Architectural delight with Plečnik’s tripple bridge that is supposed to be reminiscent of Rialto bridge in Venice. The square was originaly designed by architect Fabiani after the big quake in 1895 and renovated by architect Ravnikar in 1987. Don’t miss the chatedral and palaces: Frisches, Seunigs, Mayers, first department store Urbanc palace and colorful Hauptmann house. Oh, you can also recharge your batteries, the energy field beats Stonehenge by a mile.

Funicular to Ljubljana castle

“From the central Ljubljana Market to the castle hill.”
It’s a nice ride and great view, but the castle hill is only 50 meters altitude, so it’s better to walk up and it’s a nice walk under the trees. With 4 euros per adult the price is quite ridiculous too.

Ljubljana old town

“Charming, small and beautiful.”
Ljubljana’s old town is lovely, best seen on foot or with a bike. Wonderful central market, lots of caffes by the river, great views and above all a very relaxed atmosphere.

AKC Metelkova

“Metelkova alternative culture center.”
A squat in former army barracks. Metelkova is a must for any alternative culture loving traveler. Clubs, concerts, cheap drinks and relaxed atmosphere, reminiscent of Christiania in Copenhagen.

Central market Ljubljana

“Wonderful market by any standard.”
Good local food and great atmosphere, located smack in the city center by the river and under the castle hill and adorned with Jožef Plečnik’s colonade. A must visit if you are in Ljubljana.

Tivoli park

“Great for walking, picnic or lunch in the open.”
Few cities have parks as close to the city center as Ljubljana. 300 meters or less, great for running and well taken care of. Check the photographic exhibitions on jumbo panels on Plečnik’s walkaway.

Technical museum of Slovenia

“Old Cartusian monastery converted into a museum.”
The Cartusian monastery offers beautiful settings to one of the most interesting exhibitions in Slovenia. Founded in 1220, houses Tito’s private car collection and Tomos, Slovenian motorbike maker’s complete collection of motorcycles. Among other things.



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